Mission and Vision

Presenting to science world Turkish history and cultural existence and the cultures and the course of interaction which this existence has a relationship and the consequences about social, political and cultural values of the prominent countries of the region and world which have been obtained by scientific method and an interdisciplinary approach within the scope of correct and global values; interpreting the basic dynamics of Turkish culture again according to the requirements of time, carrying out high level research, education and instruction activities in order to solve national and international problems faced in historical times and present day and make society acquire these.


Researching on historical and present day structures of the regions where Turkish cultural accumulation rules over such as the geography which Turkish culture has been effective in historical times and present day and the regions extending from Siberia to Vienna, from Algeria to Crimea and the Balkan States and other neighbor areas, the Black Sea and Caucasus and Siberia and Turkistan area; in Turkey which aims to participate in the integration process with Europe with its own cultural identity and which has to be situated in the respected place deserved in the changing world order, on the one hand by investigating Turkish culture and other cultures having an interaction with Turkish culture, by means of scientific methods, sharing the acquired findings with science world and on the other hand contributing to train new scientists in order to form the information and experience basis which Turkey needs for the present day and future.

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